At Altaviz, our mission is to partner with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and commercialize state-of-the-art delivery solutions ranging from compact disposable auto injectors to console level systems management.
These devices use our cutting edge intellectual property, innovative embedded power sources, and customer partner technologies. Altaviz’s intellectual property, technologies and delivery systems provide our customers the flexibility to accommodate the latest market trends, along with next-gen delivery solutions to meet challenging requirements.
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A Quote from A Customer
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work that is going into this device to make it a great and reliable product.  We do realize and appreciate all that you have been able to accomplish.  Our GM got to personally use one of your working prototypes and was impressed.  Additionally, the Board of Directors has also taken an interest in this project.  Keep up the good work and please pass this along to others I have missed!
Injectable Devices
Dermal & Transdermal
Altaviz has developed a proprietary platform technology for delivery systems for injecting gases, liquids, pharma, and customer proprietary materials. Our technology platform is suited for diverse applications and market segments. Our products have a strong foundation based on intellectual property combined with practical surgical procedure validation. Altaviz plans to market its products through OEM partnerships or licensing IP agreements.
In addition, we anticipate working with partners that focus on their products but require a novel, safe, differentiating mechanism for delivering their product to the target application. We have built a growing and profitable business by developing products under agreements with partners. Over the past several years, Altaviz has completed three partner-funded programs for our partners. We have also licensed IP through a co-development program for a high volume product to a partner.
Design & Innovation
Innovation and fast-time-to-market is what drives our design team.
Regulatory Affairs
Altaviz complies with extensive regulations regarding safety, efficacy and overall quality of our products and offer our customers full compliance support during the application processes.
Intellectual Property
Altaviz focuses on strictly safeguarding the intellectual property of our customers and the licensing of IP solutions to our customers.
Program Management
Altaviz assigns a dedicated project manager to each client, who then guides the overall direction of the project.
Quick-Turn Prototyping
Altaviz has in-house capabilities for CNC milling, CNC lathe, welding, ISO Class (completion scheduled for summer 2015) 8 clean room and ISO certified facilities.
Micro-Cylinder Gas Filling
Altaviz has developed proprietary technology micro-cylinder gas filling for the medical industry.
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