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for Next-Gen Drug & Therapy Delivery

We conceptualize, design, develop and commercialize innovative delivery platforms and solutions for next-gen drugs, implants, and specialized applications.

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Innovative, fully integrated systems for immediate use or rapid customization.


With the power to deliver high viscosity, large volume formulations in short or programmed periods of time, new biologic drug-compatible auto-injectors benefit from the power of Pico-Cylinders.


The Fluid Injector combines a disposable, self-powered syringe driver with sub-microliter dose tracking and highly repeatable delivery rates. As a versatile injection platform, this device can be loaded with any therapeutic agent at time of use, handling any fluid viscosity.


The gas injector platform delivers high purity medical gases contained in a valved Pico-Cylinder, and can be designed with a wide range of features like mixed or 100% pure gas delivery.

Implant Delivery

Gas-power enables the implant delivery platform to provide single-use, single handed automated implant insertion with smooth, silent and precise operation


Altaviz Gaining Strong Market Traction with Advent R400e, an Evolutionary Delivery Solution for Subretinal Gene Therapy

IRVINE, CA – November 9, 2021, Altaviz, a designer, developer and manufacturer of medical devices and drug delivery platforms, has increased its organizational focus with the development of the Advent R400e, their groundbreaking delivery solution for subretinal gene therapy.  Since announcing the development of this evolutionary delivery platform in July 2021, Altaviz has experienced strong new business opportunities and is currently working with multiple organizations who are leaders in the sub-retinal gene and drug delivery market. 

Get to know our latest solution

Advent R400e

A Delivery Solution for Subretinal Gene Therapy

Uniquely designed for the delivery of life-changing therapies, including gene therapy, stem cell therapy and biologic, take a minute to learn about the game changing Advent R400e!


Innovation in everything we do.

Our mission at Altaviz is to partner with innovative medical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop and commercialize state-of-the-art drug and implant delivery solutions ranging from compact auto injectors and single use implant inserters to console level systems management

These medical devices utilize our cutting edge intellectual property and are powered by innovative embedded power cells. Altaviz intellectual property, platform technologies and delivery systems provide our customers with the flexibility to accommodate the latest market trends, with next-gen delivery solutions to meet demanding requirements.


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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work that is going into this device to make it a great and reliable product.  We do realize and appreciate all that you have been able to accomplish.  Our GM got to personally use one of your working prototypes and was impressed.  Additionally, the Board of Directors has also taken an interest in this project.  Keep up the good work and please pass this along to others I have missed!



Innovation and fast time-to-market is what drives our design team.


Altaviz complies with extensive regulations regarding safety, efficacy and overall quality of our products and offer our customers full compliance support during the application processes.


Altaviz focuses on strictly safeguarding the intellectual property of our customers and the licensing of IP solutions to our customers.


Altaviz assigns a dedicated project manager to each client, who then guides the overall direction of the project.


Altaviz has in-house capabilities for 3D printing, CNC milling, lathe, welding, ISO Class 8 clean room and ISO certified facilities.


Altaviz has developed multiple drive system technologies utilizing small compressed gas cylinders known as Pico-cylinders. Contact Us for more information on how our platform technologies can unlock new capabilities in your device.

Solving today’s and tomorrow’s
drug delivery challenges

Altaviz has developed products for delivering a wide range of drugs and implants including gene therapies, pure gases, mixed gases, intraocular lenses, advanced biologics, and highly viscous silicone oils. Our products are based on platform technologies that have a strong foundation of intellectual property, which we build on by working extensively with surgeons both in and out of the operating room and through validating patient use. Altaviz markets its products through OEM partnerships and licensing IP agreements with end-use device providers.

Additionally, we work with partners that require a novel, safe, and powerful drive systems to develop products leveraging our advanced platform technologies for their specific application. We have built a growing and successful business by developing application-specific products under agreements with partners. Over the past several years, Altaviz has completed three partner-funded programs, including licensing IP in combination with a high volume product co-development program that has been successfully released to the market by our commercialization partner.