High Viscosity
Biologic Delivery

High Volume




Newer classes of biologic drugs have higher viscosities and require delivery of larger volumes outside of the capability of traditional spring-powered devices. Attempting to deliver these new treatments with spring-powered devices can result in larger, less ergonomically friendly injector devices with long delivery times and large needles whose noise and vibration levels are frightening to the end users.

With the power to deliver high viscosity, large volume formulations in short or programmed periods of time, new biologic drug-compatible auto-injectors and wearable bolus injectors benefit from the power of Pico-Cylinders. The high energy density coupled with the smooth, silent delivery of drugs can reduce syringe breakage and ease patient concerns leading to higher compliance and a better user experience.


  • Modular framework for multiple viscosities, volumes, etc.
  • Simple change of gas pressure accommodates wide range of variants
  • Accommodates standard 1.0 mL and 2.25 mL PFS
  • Silent delivery
  • Automated & manual needle insertion & retraction


This video provides a demonstration of the ease of use and gentle user experience while demonstrating the high performance of the AltaVISC framework

  • Simple two-step, low force activation
  • High performance for delivering very high viscosity biologics
  • User friendly delivery with near-zero impact start and silent delivery
  • Needle stick protection from extending needle guard lockout

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We call them Modules

proprietary Modules

Altaviz Innovations

Activation System

The mechanism by which the user activates the gas cylinder to initiate power to the device. The methods of activation, including but not limited to: lever, button, push-to-skin and squeeze can be customized based upon specific customer requirements.

Precision Delivery Rate Control

Can be tuned to change delivery characteristics including speed and force by altering system pressure or flow characteristics.

Gas-Powered Drive

Gas powered drive system technology ensures a smooth, consistent delivery experience.

Needle Management/Advanced

Proprietary needle insertion and retraction controlled by drive system pressure.

Core Modules

Industry Standard Components

Adaptable Form Factor

The form factor and look of all Altaviz frameworks can be quickly customized to suit customer requirements. Examples include physical ergonomics such as shape and texture as well as aesthetics: color, printing and labeling.

Compatible with Standard PFS

Compatible with standard 1 mL long and 2.25 mL prefilled syringes.

Dose Verification

Graduations and sight windows can be added to frameworks for confirmation of proper dose delivery.

Needle Management

Manual needle insertion with lockout mechanism to prevent accidental needle stick.