Benefits of Innovative Compressed Gas-Powered Intranasal Drug Delivery Devices


In this article, Albie Lavin, Technical Advisory Consultant to Picocyl, discusses the exciting potential of propellant-driven systems for intranasal delivery, and how Picocyl’s Pico-Cylinders provide the ideal mechanism to take advantage of this potential.

Many existing molecules that are currently marketed for oral or intramuscular delivery are finding alternative applications in the intranasal space. Intranasal drug delivery has the potential to combine the noninvasive, patient friendly delivery of oral tablets or capsules with the rapid pharmacokinetic absorption profile of intramuscular injections.

Furthermore, there is potential for new drug formulations to benefit from innovations in intranasal drug delivery that enable direct nose-to-brain absorption pathways or more efficient systemic uptake. Many developing therapies in the central nervous system (CNS) and nasal vaccine spaces are harnessing these advances in delivery technology, and, as a result, the intranasal drug delivery sector is poised to experience significant growth over the next decade.

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