A Delivery Solution for Subretinal Gene Therapy

Advent R400e

It’s all about the Bleb


Consistent and Controlled Bleb Creation

Electronic Dose Monitoring (Microliter Resolution)

Dosing Volumes up to 350 µL

Configurable Delivery Rates from 100-1000 µL/min

Tablet Connectivity via Bluetooth

Configurable for 23-27 Gauge Cannula

Visual LED Feedback

Audio Feedbac

Single Handed Use

Dose Monitoring


The Advent R400e is uniquely designed for the delivery of life-changing therapies, including gene therapy, stem cell therapy and biologics. The Advent R400e is a complete delivery solution which includes the base unit, two self-priming transfer syringes and an integrated tablet application (Bluetooth) with a simple user interface to measure and monitor dosing (microliter resolution).  To support consistent and controlled bleb creation, the unit provides visual and audio feedback.  The Advent R400e is easily configurable to support delivery rates from 100 to 1,000 μL/min, supports 23-27 Gauge Cannula, and handles dosing volumes up to 350 μL.

A Complete System

About Altaviz

Altaviz was founded in 2012, by an experienced team of medical design engineers who collectively had a passion for working in a creative environment. The Altaviz Team’s focus was to design and manufacture products that improved patient safety and enabled medical practitioners to improve their practices. The name “Altaviz” was chosen to represent the company’s vision. “Alta” for a commitment to high standards and viewing problems from a higher plane; and “viz” for the vision into what is needed to solve the challenges and meet the objectives of our clinician, surgeon and patient customers.