Concept Development


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Juan Carlos Lopez-Tonnazi

Chief Engineer, FreeFall Aerospace

"The Altaviz team was very responsive and technically strong. They quickly understood our issues and developed a manifold and cylinder system to inflate our unique Satellite communications antenna that met our stringent technical, performance and weight requirements”



“We value your partnership and are excited at the opportunity to work with your organization to bring access and convenience of the injection kit to market, alongside SYFOVRE. We look forward to the continued joint success of our companies and express our sincerest appreciation for your support and dedication on this exciting journey.”


TO & COO pharma customer

“The growth for Altaviz is great! You have made quite an impact in the auto injector industry. Everyone I talk with seems to be quite familiar with Altaviz. I believe it is the only way to make a highly reliable and cost-effective AI.”


Customer President

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Customer CEO

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Service descriptions


Have an idea that you want to turn into reality? Have a specific use case that you need to build towards? Altaviz can help! We specialize in doing blue sky research into existing and potential technologies and our experience in a variety of different industries serves us well in thinking outside of the box.


Feasibility comes in 2 forms: thought exercises, and physical bench top testing to prove the viability of design concepts. With over two hundred years of combined experience, there is no one better at taking an idea, and bringing it to life. With the next-generation technology we have at our disposal, the likelihood of success is that much higher.

Concept Design

Initial concept design begins with CAD modeling, which may include initial components/assembly drawings. These models provide ample opportunity to work through how concepts look and feel, and operate as a staging ground to gather feedback and updated design parameters.

Design Optimization

At Altaviz, we prescribe to the Fail-fast design paradigm in our approach to iteration testing and design updates. This allows us to detect points of failure earlier and bubble them up immediately for remediation. Ultimately, the gurus at Altaviz are really good at coming up with creative / out-of-the-box solutions faster and more accurately than just about anyone else out there.

End-User Needs

This step is all about working with the program sponsors and/or subject matter experts to define product requirements. It might sound simple, but one small change from the input side can have significant ramifications to the final product. Once we gather all the necessary feedback, we can then translate them into specifications. With each iteration comes the possibility of more specific product requirements.

Rapid Prototyping

After we have gathered all of the inputs and feedback, now it is time to get a first cut at the MVP. Our fast turn prototyping program leverages in-house 3D printing and machining, in concert with external 3D printing, machining, and prototyping. This is one of our favorite steps as it is a chance for us to bring all of our experience together at once to create our first crack at a physical product.


In the step, we conduct a series of intense computer simulations such as finite element analysis (FEA) or computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling in order to understand theoretical behavior/physical limits of both our designs and the materials we are considering building from. With those in hand, it makes it that much easier to iterate.

IP Generation

Intellectual property (IP) generation is the process of creating new IP, such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. IP generation is done through research and development and is an important part of the innovation process. It is through IP generation that new ideas and technologies are created.