Drug Delivery

Devices & Components

An expansive portfolio of Next-Gen drug delivery solutions and services.

We can help with…

  • Gas-Powered Alternatives To Existing Spring-Driven Systems
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Innovative Product Design
  • Excellence In Hand-Held Device Design For Usability and Performance
  • Expansive Engineering Services For Full Life Cycle
  • Developing Efficiencies for Medical Device Manufacturing

We are driven to provide medical practitioners with drug delivery solutions that achieve new levels of performance, consistency and efficacy for today’s and tomorrow’s drugs and therapies.

Through out-of-the-box thinking and our engineering superpowers, Altaviz continues to reinvent legacy drug delivery. We bring this same mentality to developing new delivery solutions for life-changing therapies, including gene therapy, stem cell therapy and biologics. For multiple decades we have received wide recognition for bringing a new realm of innovation to the industry.

Additionally, we are the founder and industry authority on using medical-equipped compressed gas cylinders (Pico-Cylinders) as a high performance power source with superior consistency and minimal degradation over long periods of time.

Checkout the Frameworks related to Drug Delivery Devices & Components:


Broad & Deep


  • Controlled Delivery Of High Viscosity Drug Therapies
  • Silent Delivery Systems That Enhance The Patient Experience
  • Flow-Controlled Delivery of Therapeutics for Consistent Delivery Rates Independent of Downstream Resistance Variation
  • Gas-Powered Alternatives To Existing Spring-Driven Systems To Expand The Envelope Of Higher Viscosity Through Smaller Needles
  • High Precision Thinking Originating From Ophthalmic Heritage
  • Strong Single-Use Product Design/Development Experience
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking, Free of Antiquated Technologies and Entrenched Barriers
  • Strong Plastics Design/Development Experience From Developing Single-Use Medical Devices

Some Examples of

Work Product

  • Gas-Powered Auto Injectors
  • Delivery Solutions For Subretinal Gene Therapy
  • Intravitreal Needle Procedure Packs for Dry AMD
  • Automatic Needle Insertion/Retraction
  • Retrofit of Gas Cylinders for Gas-Powered Epi-Pen
  • Dynamic Analysis of A Vial Transfer Device For On-Body Injectors
  • Standalone Gene Therapy Injection System with Dose Monitoring
  • Preliminary Work for Gas-Powered Rescue Inhaler
  • World’s Smallest Gas Cylinder, The Pico-Cylinder