Fluid Injector


Subretinal / Intravitreal

Bone Cements /
Tissue Adhesives

Dermal Filler


Catheter Balloon

Liquid Atomization
(Respiratory, Nasal)


The Fluid Injector combines a disposable, self-powered syringe driver with sub-microliter dose tracking and highly repeatable delivery rates. As a versatile injection framework, this device can be loaded with any therapeutic agent at time of use, handling any fluid viscosity with ease.

The lightweight, single-handed design and ultra-low force actuation lever help to minimize disturbances at the injection site. Real-time dose tracking data can be monitored using your tablet or smart device, in addition to the audible and visual cues provided from the device itself.


  • Configurable flow rates
  • Consistent flow rates across variable pressure gradients
  • Wide viscosity range capable
  • Self-powered, console independent
  • On-demand delivery
  • Smart device connectivity
  • Real time dose monitoring via BT

Our Solutions help simplify your Go-To-Market.


We call them Modules

proprietary Modules

Altaviz Innovations

Activation System

The mechanism by which the user activates the gas cylinder to initiate power to the device. The methods of activation, including but not limited to: lever, button, push-to-skin and squeeze can be customized based upon specific customer requirements.

Motion Damping System

Smooth, precise delivery independent of variations in delivery forces.

Precision Delivery Rate Control

Can be tuned to change delivery characteristics including speed and force by altering system pressure or flow characteristics.

Dose Monitoring

Precision tracking of plunger position to provide real-time dose data that is communicated through visual and audio queues as well as transmitted via Bluetooth to a smart device.

Needle Protection

Proprietary softip protection system allows user to protect the distal tip of the device during insertion into a surgical entry system.

Smart Device Connectivity

Real time metrics delivered to a smart device via Bluetooth transmission.

Gas-Powered Fluid Drive

Device motion driven by gas pressure acting on an incompressible fluid regulated through a precision orifice allowing the user to precisely contol speed and the ability to start and stop the device.

On-Demand Motion Control

Precision regulated valve technology allows the user to start, stop or modulate the delivery speed.

Core Modules

Industry Standard Components

Adaptable Form Factor

The form factor and look of all Altaviz frameworks can be quickly customized to suit customer requirements. Examples include physical ergonomics such as shape and texture as well as aesthetics: color, printing and labeling.

Take the Advent 400e for example. The Advent R400e elevates the delivery of subretinal gene therapy to a single-handed surgical procedure with flow-controlled, consistent bleb creation, electronic dose monitoring, and has a host of robust features which improve patient outcomes and reduce therapy waste.