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The gas injector framework delivers high purity medical gases contained in a valved pico-cylinder, depending on the specific medical application, the type of medical gas and device functions are customizable. Filling of the pico-cylinders is performed under strict controls in a cleanroom environment to maintain ultra-high gas purity and ensure no leaks throughout the device shelf-life. The gas injector device is loaded with a pico-cylinder and can be designed with a wide range of features like mixed or 100% pure gas delivery.

Variations of this framework can provide an on-demand selection of air/gas mix ratio, maintain high purity, precise mix, and delivery of the gas, all in a single-use device. This device configuration can be used for Ophthalmology tamponades where a specific air/gas mix is injected into the eye during retinal detachment procedures.


  • Single-use targeted gas delivery
  • High purity gas delivery system
  • FDA Class III implantable gas compatible
  • Console independent

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We call them Modules

proprietary Modules

Altaviz Innovations

Activation System

The mechanism by which the user activates the gas cylinder to initiate power to the device. The methods of activation, including but not limited to: lever, button, push-to-skin and squeeze can be customized based upon specific customer requirements.

Precision Gas Mixing

Precision automatic mixing of therapeutic gases at the point of use.

Gas Delivery

Direct delivery of gas-based drugs or devices in a single-use, console independent, form factor.

High Purity Implantable Gas

Altaviz leverages exclusive partnerships with industry leading gas suppliers to source, package and deliver high purity implantable gases.

Gas-Powered Drive

Gas powered drive system technology ensures a smooth, consistent delivery experience.

Gas Sterility Management

Proprietary gas filling, product design and advanced filtration systems ensures therapeutic gasses remain sterile throughout the entire delivery process.

Core Modules

Industry Standard Components

Adaptable Form Factor

The form factor and look of all Altaviz frameworks can be quickly customized to suit customer requirements. Examples include physical ergonomics such as shape and texture as well as aesthetics: color, printing and labeling.

Dose Verification

Graduations and sight windows can be added to framework for confirmation of proper dose delivery.