Implant Delivery

Devices & Components

Next-Gen solutions to enable easy implant insertion with precision and accuracy.

We can help with…

  • Gas-Powered Alternatives to Existing Spring-Driven Systems
  • Mechanical Drive Systems Delivering High Forces and Controlled Speeds
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Innovative Product Design
  • Excellence in Hand-Held Device Design for Usability and Performance
  • Expansive Engineering Services for Full Life-Cycle

We are taking implant delivery to a new realm. By challenging legacy thinking and approaching implant delivery with an open mind, we have created a new paradigm, where simplicity, integrity, performance and consistency are expected.

Beginning with a gas-powered power source, we have developed the world’s first and only automated, pre-loaded, single-use, single-handed implant delivery solution. Surgeons are now free to focus on positioning their instruments without the need to impart energy into the device, allowing easy implant insertion with precision and accuracy.

Checkout the Frameworks related to Ophthalmic Surgical Instrumentation:

Broad & Deep


  • Gas-Powered Alternatives to Existing Spring-Driven Systems
  • High Precision Thinking Originating from Ophthalmic Heritage
  • Strong Single-Use Product Design/Development Experience
  • Out-of-The Box Thinking Free of Entrenched Technologies
  • Strong Plastics Design / Development Experience from Developing Single-Use Medical Devices

Some Examples of

Work Product

  • Self-Powered Intraocular Lens Inserter
  • Standalone Silicone Oil Injector
  • Standalone Device for Mixing and Delivering Intraocular Gases for Retinal Tamponades
  • Standalone Syringe Transfer Device for Delivering Intraocular Gas for Pneumatic Retinopexy
  • Haptics Folding System for Intraocular Lens Delivery
  • Technology Demonstrators for Dermal Filler Delivery Device
  • Mixing System for Two-Part Adhesive for Hydrogel Adhesives
    Single-Dose Mixed Gas Delivery System
  • Alternative Supply of Pure SF6 and C3F8 as Retinal Tamponades
  • World’s Smallest Gas Cylinder, The Pico-Cylinder