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Implant Delivery



Using the gas-power provided by Pico-Cylinders, Altaviz was able to develop the world’s first and only automated, pre-loaded, single-use, single-handed IOL inserter for its customer, also equipped with market-leading smooth, silent operation and precision-controlled IOL insertion.

New Pico-Cylinder powered devices allow surgeons to focus on positioning their instruments without the need to impart energy into the device, allowing easy implant insertion with precision and accuracy.

Fingertip control and low actuation forces provided by Pico-Cylinders allow surgeons to easily actuate and precisely control intraocular lens and other implant insertion in a light-weight, single-use device. And best of all, patients are receiving consistent and effective surgical results.


  • Configurable delivery speed
  • Consistent delivery speed across variable loads
  • Fluid drive system eliminates overshoot
  • High force applications
  • Configurable forces
  • On-demand motion control
  • Single-handed delivery
  • Self-powered, console independent

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We call them Modules

proprietary Modules

Altaviz Innovations

Activation System

The mechanism by which the user activates the gas cylinder to initiate power to the device. The methods of activation, including but not limited to: lever, button, push-to-skin and squeeze can be customized based upon specific customer requirements.

On-Demand Motion Control

Precision regulated valve technology allows the user to start, stop or modulate the delivery speed.

Gas-Powered Fluid Drive

Device motion driven by gas pressure acting on an incompressible fluid regulated through a precision orifice allowing the user to precisely control speed and the ability to start and stop the device.

Position Monitoring

Real time feedback to track the position of an implant during delivery.

Motion Damping System

Smooth, precise delivery independent of variations in delivery forces.

Precision Delivery Rate Control

Can be tuned to change delivery characteristics including speed and force by altering system pressure or flow characteristics.

Core Modules

Industry Standard Components

Adaptable Form Factor

The form factor and look of all Altaviz frameworks can be quickly customized to suit customer requirements. Examples include physical ergonomics such as shape and texture as well as aesthetics: color, printing and labeling.

Adaptable Implant Delivery Framework

Our delivery framework can be quickly customized to deliver an implant of any form factor to multiple sites on the body.