Mechanical Engineer (Precision devices)

Job Duties:

As member of a design team, develops original and modified or enhanced designs for mechanical parts of devices for intra-ocular and other surgical and sensitive drug delivery applications. Applies knowledge of integration of mechanical elements of small devices to develop high-reliability, precision action of moving parts in prototype devices. Performs engineering calculations, materials evaluation and selection, design and construction of kinematic and dynamic models. Participates in development of data analysis and reduction programs. Develops performance standards within strict parameters for precise Quality Assurance.  Develops and documents inspection and testing procedures for products approved for manufacture. Prepares documentation of all design elements and processes.   MATLAB, SolidWorks, Visual Basic.


  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or closely related

  • 1 year of experience in the Job Offered as Mechanical Engineer (Precision devices), OR, TECHNICIAN, Testing (precision devices) as alternate occupation

About Us

Altaviz develops and manufactures platform technologies and products for the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other specialized industries requiring high performance applications. We empower clinicians and surgeons to better care for their patients with highly effective devices and instruments improving efficacy, safety, and work flow efficiency.

We introduce next-generation products, backed by effective, novel, technologies delivering better solutions to the challenges and objectives of enhanced patient care. Our team is rooted in the core competency of medical device design and high volume manufacturing process development fortified by knowledge of market drivers and customer needs.

We partner with top industry leaders and practitioners from product concept through development and into commercialization. Altaviz relies on its in-house proprietary platforms and intellectual property, and in some business cases, will co-develop products based on customer requirements.

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