Altaviz Gaining Strong Market Traction with Advent R400e, an Evolutionary Delivery Solution for Subretinal Gene Therapy

IRVINE, CA – November 9, 2021, Altaviz, a designer, developer and manufacturer of medical devices and drug delivery frameworks, has increased its organizational focus with the development of the Advent R400e, their groundbreaking delivery solution for subretinal gene therapy.  Since announcing the development of this evolutionary delivery framework in July 2021, Altaviz has experienced strong new business opportunities and is currently working with multiple organizations who are leaders in the sub-retinal gene and drug delivery market.  The Advent R400e, which was originally launched as the MVI Framework, has garnered significant excitement and interest because it elevates the delivery of subretinal gene therapy to a single-handed surgical procedure with flow-controlled, consistent bleb creation, electronic dose monitoring, and has a host of robust features which improve patient outcomes and reduce therapy waste.  The Advent 400e is uniquely designed for the delivery of life-changing therapies, including gene therapy, stem cell therapy and biologics.

The Advent R400e is a complete delivery solution which includes the base unit, two self-priming transfer syringes and an integrated tablet application (Bluetooth) with a simple user interface to measure and monitor dosing (microliter resolution).  To support consistent and controlled bleb creation, the unit provides visual and audio feedback.  The Advent R400e is easily configurable to support delivery rates from 100 to 1,000 μL/min, supports 23-27 Gauge Cannula, and handles dosing volumes up to 350 μL.

“The activity around the Advent R400e is extremely exciting,” says Jack Auld, CEO at Altaviz. “Ours is the first and only holistic solution for sub retinal injection of stem cells or gene therapies and it is exponentially more effective in both bleb creation and dosing than current injector solutions.”

Prior to the Advent R400e, subretinal gene therapies were performed in a surgical environment using 30+ year old injection devices with either manual or console control. These legacy injectors provided limited ability to control the administration of the therapy, thus no control of the bleb initiation or filling.  As innovative therapies come to market, it is imperative to rethink the delivery of those therapies.  The Altaviz team is dedicated to this cause.  Altaviz continues to invest in research and development capabilities, design and innovation capabilities and quick-turn prototyping to convert surgical and clinical needs into innovative medical device solutions. 

“The research focus around Stem cells and gene therapies is extremely active and has created a development pipeline that is full with life-changing therapies. Altaviz’s focus on creating a new system to overcome the many shortcomings of the current delivery approaches birthed a solution with the power to change lives.  With the Advent R400e, we now have the technology to deliver a consistent, controlled experience ensuring that these vitally important, game changing therapies are delivered with accuracy and consistency. Now, Altaviz and innovative pharmaceutical companies are collaborating for life-changing patient care.”, says Auld. 



Altaviz was founded in 2012, by an experienced team of medical design engineers who collectively had a passion for working in a creative environment.  The Altaviz Team’s focus was to design and manufacture products that improved patient safety and enabled medical practitioners to improve their practices.  The name “Altaviz” was chosen to represent the company’s vision.  “Alta” for a commitment to high standards and viewing problems from a higher plane; and “viz” for the vision into what is needed to solve the challenges, and meet the objectives, of our clinician, surgeon, patient customers.

Today Altaviz’s customers range from startups to multi-billion-dollar medical device and pharma companies. Our commitment to producing enhanced medical devices that improve medical procedures, and ultimately patient care, remain the foundation of our continued success.



Tom Costello

Director of Business Development