Altaviz Unveils Gas-Powered Auto-Injector Framework for High Viscosity and High-Volume Biologics Drug Delivery

IRVINE, CA – October 13, 2023 – Altaviz, a designer, developer and manufacturer of medical devices and drug delivery frameworks, has announced today the release of AltaVISC, a new auto-injector framework designed for next-generation therapies.  The arrival of the AltaVISC Auto-injector Framework ushers in a realm of new possibilities for the delivery of high viscosity, high-volume biologics with exceptional simplicity and comfortable patient experience.

With a significant portion of the industry still stuck using springs as a power source, AltaVISC offers a revolutionary step forward: compressed gas cylinders called Pico-Cylinders. The AltaVISC Auto-injector Framework harnesses these Pico-Cylinders – developed by their affiliate company Picocyl – to great effect, powering the delivery both high-volume and high viscosity therapies, providing impact free delivery for an improved patient experience, extending tunability through gas pressure, and creating an environmentally conscious and sustainable impact.

“To put things succinctly, the AltaVISC Framework is simply better than everything else in the market right now,” says Jack Auld, Co-CEO at Altaviz. “A viable, patient-centric solution for the delivery of next-gen therapies has been, not just elusive, but non-existent until now.  The Altaviz team is incredibly proud of AltaVISC and difference it will provide to patients, manufacturers, pharma companies and the environment.”

AltaVISC also provides unparalleled flexibility in the product development and manufacturing process. AltaVISC can be tuned to deliver any drug formulation – including high-viscosity biologics and shear-sensitive molecules, offers a wide range of pressures without a form factor change, and can provide controls across human and environmental factors alike such as temperature and gas composition. 

“As we developed this framework, we were hyper-focused on creating technology that leapfrogs the current state of the art. With pharmaceutical companies heading towards large-molecule, protein-based treatments while taking more large volume therapies from the clinic into the home, we knew that we had to create a framework that combines the capacity to deliver the most demanding applications with the ease to dial back to any application” Auld said. “Ultimately, patients will be the benefactors, as the highest technology therapies can now be self-administered in the most patient-friendly manner possible. We want to improve their lives for the better.”

AltaVISC is featured prominently in the October 2023, edition of the On Drug Delivery Magazine.  The article, entitled, Gas-Powered Autoinjector Framework Enables Biologics Drug Delivery, highlights the following benefits over legacy spring-powered autoinjectors:

  • Increased capacity enabled by Pico-Cylinders to deliver high viscosities, smaller needles and large dose volumes.
  • Impact-free delivery enabled by the AltaVISC gas drive system.
  • Environmental sustainability through the use of atmospheric gases and reduced material needs

AltaVISC is truly a revolutionary technology for the next wave of revolutionary biologic therapeutics. 

Altaviz takes the AltaVISC Auto-Injector Framework on the road this month with booths at the PDA PFS show in Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as a presentation by Altaviz CTO Matt McCawley at the Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) show in Boston, MA.


About Altaviz

Altaviz was founded in 2012, by an experienced team of medical design engineers who collectively had a passion for working in a creative environment.  The Altaviz Team’s focus was to design and manufacture products that improved patient safety and enabled medical practitioners to improve their practices.  The name “Altaviz” was chosen to represent the company’s vision.  “Alta” for a commitment to high standards and viewing problems from a higher plane; and “viz” for the vision into what is needed to solve the challenges, and meet the objectives, of our clinician, surgeon, patient customers.

 Today Altaviz’s customers range from startups to multi-billion-dollar medical device and pharma companies. Our commitment to producing enhanced medical devices that improve medical procedures, and ultimately patient care, remain the foundation of our continued success.



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