Scope & Definition


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Juan Carlos Lopez-Tonnazi

Chief Engineer, FreeFall Aerospace

"The Altaviz team was very responsive and technically strong. They quickly understood our issues and developed a manifold and cylinder system to inflate our unique Satellite communications antenna that met our stringent technical, performance and weight requirements”



“We value your partnership and are excited at the opportunity to work with your organization to bring access and convenience of the injection kit to market, alongside SYFOVRE. We look forward to the continued joint success of our companies and express our sincerest appreciation for your support and dedication on this exciting journey.”


TO & COO pharma customer

“The growth for Altaviz is great! You have made quite an impact in the auto injector industry. Everyone I talk with seems to be quite familiar with Altaviz. I believe it is the only way to make a highly reliable and cost-effective AI.”


Customer President

“The Altaviz Implant Delivery System is the Best in Class in the World!”


Customer CEO

“The Altaviz Gas Injectors are true innovations that solve a problem. Get it to customers & patients asap. It’s a win-win!”


Service descriptions


The beginning of each and every project begins with a conversation. Though these discussions can be relatively informal, they can often be one of the most exciting parts of our job. We try to understand the potential customer, their problems, and the solution(s) they are looking for, because from there, we get to jump start our creative process. Nothing gets us out of bed in the morning faster than the idea of developing groundbreaking tech.

Technology Assessment

The Scope & Definition phase of our engineering services includes an assessment of technology developments and market objectives. There are often more than one approach to a problem and a variety of technologies that could fit the bill. It’s our job to find the right one for you needs both now and down the line.

Technology Stewardship

Programs with Altaviz start with a relationship and we work tireless to make sure they are built on trust and transparency. To us, that means  making the right choices for our partners. We will never try to sell a solution that we don’t believe is the absolute best option.

Project Scope

The output of this phase is the Project Scope which specifies the requirements, activities, deliverables, key assumptions, constraints, resources, timeline, and project financials. It is an important document as it gives all parties a framework to work from as well as setting expectations.