From a blank sheet of paper to full product release and everything in between, Altaviz will shorten your development lead time and reduce risk.


As innovators and creators, we are highly inspired by a list of problems and a blank piece of paper. Our design engineers and project leaders are very motivated by working with clients to understand and discover the full spectrum of requirements (technical, usability, therapeutic, regulatory, financial) and have the experience to bring them to reality in unique and creative ways. Our full suite of services span discovery, design, prototyping, manufacturing and clinical trial needs. Our experience in commercializing medical delivery systems with pressurized gas cylinders, uniquely qualifies us to provide the best customized design solutions for patient experience, functionality, efficacy, reliability and manufacturability. We have decades of experience with terminally sterilized, single use medical devices and can provide everything from subassemblies to finished medical devices in an ISO 13485 design control environment.


We invented the only practical medical gas cylinder in the world and have invented the devices and systems that control and utilize the high energy density that these cylinders provide. From therapeutic or power delivery gas applications, we are the world’s authority to bring your product to life. From your initial problem statement, we can build the systems that access the gas; controls and sterilizes it; converts it to power or motion; or delivers it as a pure therapy product.


Altaviz has developed multiple medical device platforms that can be adapted to your specific applications. These platforms provide a tested foundation that shortcuts the development cycle with proven, understood performance to reduce the program and performance risk associated with starting with a clean sheet of paper. These allow you to get to the important phases of your product, whether bench testing, clinical or preclinical work. We can carry the builds to any desired level of build and documentation to support your needs, all under ISO 13485 Design Control.


Altaviz has also developed technology accelerators that act as building blocks of gas-powered medical devices. Systems designed and built for activation, motion damping, fluid drive, Smart device connectivity, realtime dose monitoring, and precision delivery rate control can be tailored to the unique needs of your requirements to provide a direct path to your finished product.


Whether you need a customized component, sub-assembly, complete device design, analysis of your current design for optimization, retrofit services, or simply a consultation, we would like to help you be successful. Our application engineering services goal is to ensure that the finished gas system is reliable, robust, manufacturable, cost-effective over the full life of the device. We also design, build prototypes and manufacture actuation mechanisms that can be integrated into your device to accelerate your time to market by letting you focus on your core application expertise while allowing us to employ our core expertise of developing and providing complete gas systems.


Our objective is simple: to ensure that you will be successful with implementing and exploiting the unique advantages that gas-powered delivery systems provide. Our focus is medical devices, so we understand the reliability and robustness requirements for life-critical devices. We leverage our proven experience to integrate our gas power into medical devices. From regulatory requirements to safety standards, your communications with our Application Engineers are seamless – we speak your language.

Altaviz performs complex system level analysis using dynamic, thermal, structural, flow and tolerance analyses and follows up with extensive verification and validation studies to ensure that you will have a reliable medical device.

Our success requires your success. Let’s be successful together.

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PharmaPack 2024

PharmaPack 2024

PharmaPack 2024Arrange a Meeting with Altaviz at PharmaPack 2024 in Paris this January! Tom Costello, our Director of Business Development will be attending PharmaPack 2024. Please feel free to contact him to arrange a meeting either virtually or at PharmaPack onsite...


Solving today’s and tomorrow’s drug delivery challenges

Altaviz has developed products for delivering a wide range of drugs and implants including gene therapies, pure gases, mixed gases, intraocular lenses, advanced biologics, and highly viscous silicone oils. Our products are based on platform technologies that have a strong foundation of intellectual property, which we build on by working extensively with surgeons both in and out of the operating room and through validating patient use. Altaviz markets its products through OEM partnerships and licensing IP agreements with end-use device providers.