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Juan Carlos Lopez-Tonnazi

Chief Engineer, FreeFall Aerospace

"The Altaviz team was very responsive and technically strong. They quickly understood our issues and developed a manifold and cylinder system to inflate our unique Satellite communications antenna that met our stringent technical, performance and weight requirements”



“We value your partnership and are excited at the opportunity to work with your organization to bring access and convenience of the injection kit to market, alongside SYFOVRE. We look forward to the continued joint success of our companies and express our sincerest appreciation for your support and dedication on this exciting journey.”


TO & COO pharma customer

“The growth for Altaviz is great! You have made quite an impact in the auto injector industry. Everyone I talk with seems to be quite familiar with Altaviz. I believe it is the only way to make a highly reliable and cost-effective AI.”


Customer President

“The Altaviz Implant Delivery System is the Best in Class in the World!”


Customer CEO

“The Altaviz Gas Injectors are true innovations that solve a problem. Get it to customers & patients asap. It’s a win-win!”


Service descriptions

Supply Chain

Formulating an efficient Supply Chain can have a direct impact on a new product’s viability and the venture’s bottom line. The identification of suppliers, materials, and logistics to facilitate the most efficient and cost effective product supply chain requires knowledge, experience and patience, all of which Altaviz has in spades.


Manufacturing fixtures are work-holding or support devices used in facilitating the manufacture or inspection of products. Using a fixture improves the economy of production by allowing smooth operation and quick transition from part to part, reducing the requirement for skilled labor by simplifying how workpieces are mounted, and increasing conformity across a production run.

Production Tooling

Production tooling is the process of developing and fine-tuning all the necessary pieces in the manufacturing environment  to withstand the rigorous demands of mass production while maintaining tight dimensional tolerances on every finished part. Some examples may include the development of injection molding, stamping, deep draw, etc.


Automation in manufacturing is the process of using production management software or robotic tools to operate a factory when producing a physical product. Benefits often include lowering operational costs, increasing workplace safety and productivety, as well as better product quality.

Process Development

Process Development is the procedure of fine tuning  manufacturing equipment, processes, work instructions, and more. The aim is to produce the greatest amount of output, at the highest possible quality, for the lowest possible amount of input resources, including time and labor.


An essential step in the development lifecycle. Validation is the formal demonstration of a manufacturing process in its totality, and its ability to reliably produce a product that conforms to acceptance criteria.

Quality Assurance

At Altaviz, we take great pride in delivering products that meet or exceed our client’s expectations in terms of performance, consistency, reliability, manufacturability and maintainability. There is a reason why our team collectively has produced over 300 issued and pending patents in the medical device market – that experience is no accident. We have extensive QA teams and practices in place to prevent mistakes and eliminate any defects that may arise in the development lifecycle.