The Advent R400e, from Altaviz, elevates the delivery of subretinal gene therapy to a single-handed surgical procedure with flow-controlled, consistent bleb creation, electronic dose monitoring, and has a host of robust features which improve patient outcomes and reduce therapy waste.



This video provides a demonstration of the loading and use of the Advent R400e.  The Advent R400e is a fully integrated solution, architected and designed for consistent and optimized surgical procedures.

In a minute and a half, you will experience:

  • The simplicity of our fully integrated solution
  • The elegance and ergonomics of single-handed use
  • The power of consistent and controlled bleb creation



  1. Transferring the therapeutic into the syringe
  2. Installing the soft tip subretinal cannula onto the syringe
  3. Purging the subretinal cannula
  4. Removing the plunger and T-handle from the syringe
  5. Installing the syringe into the Advent, which turns on the electronics
  6. Connecting to the tablet via Bluetooth (LEDs turn Blue)
  7. Functional check of device and monitoring by dispensing a small amount outside the eye (movement of black bar indicates correct monitoring)
  8. Extending the subretinal cannula protection sleeve and insertion into the eye
  9. Transition to dose monitoring mode (audible beep and LED and dose monitoring display bar turns green)
  10. Creating the bleb and delivering the dose (audible beeps at 180, 190, and 200 micro liters)
  11. End of dose (LED and dose monitoring turns red). Surgeon is allowed to dispense to full amount of syringe)
  12. End of case (LED turns purple and case metrics display opens up)



The Advent 400e is uniquely designed for the delivery of life-changing therapies, including gene therapy, stem cell therapy and biologics.

The Advent R400e is a complete delivery solution which includes the base unit, two self-priming transfer syringes, tip protected soft-tip cannulas and an integrated tablet application (Bluetooth) with a simple user interface to measure and monitor dosing (microliter resolution).

To support consistent and controlled bleb creation, the unit provides visual and audio feedback.  The Advent R400e is easily configurable to support delivery rates from 100 to 1,000 μL/min, supports 23-27 Gauge Cannula, and handles dosing volumes up to 350 μL.

For more information on the Advent R400e click here.